About Us

At Kathmandu Columbus Pre-School, we offer a comprehensive range of facilities enhancing educational excellence and extracurricular engagement. Students benefit from diverse resources for academic advancement and holistic development, including moral education. Our focus is on instilling moral values, nurturing responsible citizens equipped for success and ethical contribution to society.

Safety First

Preschool ensures secure classrooms with continuous 24/7 CCTV monitoring, prioritizing the safety and well-being of every child.

Theme Based Classes

Preschool offers theme-based education, enriching both academic and non-academic aspects, creating a holistic learning experience for young minds.

Theme Based Visit

Preschool expands horizons through diverse student visits, offering hands-on experiences that bring outer knowledge into the classroom environment.

Well Equipped Classroom

Preschool offers well-equipped classrooms, ample space, and a rich array of learning and playing materials, ensuring a stimulating learning environment.

Wide Range ECA

Diverse ECAs - karate, yoga, dance, music, swimming - foster holistic child growth, promoting physical, mental, and creative development.

Sports Facilities

A spacious playground with comprehensive facilities, including various sports options, promotes children's physical development and active engagement.

Our Features

Yoga Class
Learning with activites
Computer & Coding Class
Class from foreign teacher
Digital Classroom
Adequate play space
Own Futsal ground
Resourceful Classroom
Skill full Class
Child specific teaching
Karate Class
Music Class

Coordinator Message

KCS Pre School is dedicated to nurturing the early development of children, recognizing and celebrating their individuality. The school's primary objective is to facilitate the exploration of each child's inherent potential, fostering skills acquisition and a lifelong love for learning. Central to the KCS experience is the invaluable opportunity for social interaction, which cultivates self-sufficiency and emotional security. Within this safe environment, youngsters not only establish routines but also learn to cooperate with peers outside their family circle. Through interactions, children acquire essential life skills: patience through waiting, courtesy through turn-taking, and active listening. These early social interactions significantly contribute to the formation of a well-rounded personality.

KCS Pre School prioritizes a comprehensive range of age-appropriate activities to engage young minds. This includes exposure to music, movement, creative arts, dramatic expression, sensory exploration, and immersive storytelling. These diverse experiences cater to the holistic development of children, promoting cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. In essence, KCS Pre School stands as a nurturing haven where children's uniqueness is embraced, social competencies are cultivated, and a rich variety of activities inspire their intellectual and creative capacities. Through this early foundation, KCS sets the stage for children to embark on a lifelong journey of curiosity, knowledge acquisition, and personal fulfillment. - Ms. Smriti Joshi (Pre-Primary Co-Ordinator)