Our classrooms boast spaciousness, ample ventilation, and abundant natural and artificial lighting. Equipped with ergonomic furniture, dust-free whiteboards, display boards, and audio-visual facilities, they provide an ideal environment for learning, fostering comfort and engagement among students.

Computer Lab

Our school's computer laboratory stands as a beacon of pride, offering every student access to over 50 networked computers, each equipped with LCD monitors. With high-speed broadband/ADSL internet access, it fosters an environment conducive to exploration and innovation.

Science Laboratory

Our well-equipped science laboratory provides ample resources, ensuring that science education is both exciting and enjoyable, encouraging hands-on exploration and fostering a deeper understanding of scientific principles.

Library /Audio/Visual Room

Our library offers a vast array of reference books, periodicals, and educational CDs for students and staff. Committed to enhancement, we aim to transform it into a modern resource center with e-learning facilities. Additionally, our audio-visual centers and separate AV room aid in interactive learning experiences.

Multipurpose Auditorium

Our versatile auditorium, seating 300, hosts numerous intra and inter-school competitions and stage performances. Its multipurpose design facilitates a variety of events, fostering collaboration and showcasing talent within and beyond our school community.


Our well-facilitated futsal court offers students a dynamic space for recreational and competitive play. Equipped with top-notch facilities, it promotes physical activity, teamwork, and skill development, enriching the student experience beyond the classroom.

Swimming Pool

KCS proudly boasts its own swimming pool, located outside the school premises, providing students with a refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience. It serves as a hub for aquatic activities, promoting fitness, relaxation, and water safety among our students.

Hygienic Meal

The school offers three nutritious meals daily to students, ensuring health, wholesomeness, and hygiene. Specially treated potable water is provided for drinking, prioritizing the well-being of our students and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Psychological Counselling

As part of our emotional development program, the school offers regular counseling sessions led by an expert psychologist. Students and parents benefit from professional advice and guidance on emotional and child-related matters. Our counselor is available every Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Digital Platform

Our school employs various modern communication channels to convey notices, messages, and news. Alongside traditional paper-based notices, we utilize the Kathmandu Columbus School App, our school's Facebook and Instagram pages, the official website, SMS notifications, Viber groups, ensuring efficient and immediate communication with parents and the wider audience.

Moral Values Class

We offer moral values classes to instill essential virtues and ethics in our students. Through these sessions, we aim to cultivate integrity, compassion, and empathy, nurturing well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society with a strong moral foundation.


Our school offers sophisticated vehicle facilities equipped with tracking systems for students from across the Kathmandu Valley, ensuring safe and efficient transportation services.

Cambridge English & ABACUS Class

KCS offers internationally recognized Cambridge English preparation courses, following the curriculum of Cambridge University, to enhance students' English language proficiency. Additionally, we provide Abacus classes to promote mental development, ensuring a holistic approach to education that fosters both linguistic and cognitive skills for our students' academic and personal growth.